All of the canes are constructed with select combinations of hardwoods.The handles are ergonomically designed to fit in the hand in order to center and focus weight down along the shaft.We have three basic styles.
Birds head grip: A classic design for comfort and stability.
Birds head curl: Designed for comfort and stability plus will hang on a arm or rack                          also has some self defense uses.
Off set T:          A good support grip for general use and hiking, plus, a favorite with
                         some self defense trainers, works well with many different techniques
In order to ensure proper cane lenghth:  Measure from the ground up to the bend in your wrist, standing straight with shoulders level, wearing your normal footwear.
   The cane prices start at 165.00 for the Birds Head, 195.00 for the off set T , and 275.00 for the Birds head fancy curl cane.

Bird Head Curl
Off set T
Bird head