Americancane from the studio of Christopher Koontz.  At the age of 14 Christopher made his first wood carving, and it was not long after that he started being commisioned and started selling woodcarvings at art fairs.  His carvings evolved and merged because of  a culinary passion.    Christopher had carved a spoon out of cherry wood  and it was seen by someone wanted one and then another person wanted one and so on... and a beautiful line of cherry wood, stainless steel, and copper utensils have evolved into the highly functional,refined  pieces of art that Wild Cherry spoons and Spatulas produces today.  As the same way the utensils started , so it is with Americancane, out of a need Christopher designed and built a cane for a friend, and someone else saw the cane and wanted one and so on..  The canes are functional and elegant with the highest degree of craftsmanship and quality available today.  Christopher Koontz functional artworks have been  carried in many exclusive upscale galleries around the United States and internationally.  His artwork has also been featured in several magazines, such as New Yorker magazine,Bon Apetit, Gourmet,  American Handgunner,  Personal self Defense, Women and Guns just to name a few.
Funtional artworks and designs by Christopher Koontz have been in use since 1976 and he has enjoyed a reputation of producing high quality , and elite craftsmanship that are genuinely works of Art.